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Realities about Ancient Egypt
1) Most Ancient Egyptian pyramids were worked as burial chambers for pharaohs (leaders of Ancient Egypt) and their families. Until this point in time, north of 130 pyramids have been found in Egypt.

2) the great beyond meant quite a bit to the Egyptians. They trusted that by saving a dead individual’s body – which they did through the course of preservation – their spirit would live on in life following death for eternity.

3) The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the biggest Egyptian pyramid. This fantastic design weighs however much 16 Empire State structures!

4) Both Egyptian people wore make-up. The eye paint was typically green (produced using copper) or dark (produced using lead). As well as offering insurance from the sun, the Egyptians trusted make-up had mystical mending abilities, as well!

5) Unwrapped, the gauzes of an Ancient Egyptian mummy could extend for 1.6km. Yowser!

6) The Egyptian letters in order contained in excess of 700 hieroglyphs!

7) Ancient Egyptians had faith in excess of 2,000 gods! They had divine beings for everything, from threats to tasks! Each had various obligations and required to have been adored with the goal that life could be kept in balance.

8) Cats were viewed as holy creatures by the Ancient Egyptians. It’s felt that most families kept a feline as a pet, which they accepted would bring the family best of luck!

9) Love playing prepackaged games with your buddies? Indeed, pack, so did the Ancient Egyptians! One famous game was Senet, which was played for north of 2,000 years! The game included tossing sticks (similarly we toss dice) to perceive the number of squares to push your piece ahead on the board.

10) The Ancient Egyptians created bunches of things we actually use today, like paper, pens, locks and keys and – in all honesty – toothpaste!

Strive to see with the inner eye, the heart. It sees the reality not subject to emotional or personal error; it sees the essence. Intuition then is the most important quality to develop.


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